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About Sweet Extravagance

Sweet Extravagance, formerly Clara's Sweet Creations, had its sweet beginnings in 2014.

We are a cake shop focusing on creating our customer's visions into reality when it comes to cakes and sweets. Not only concentrating on the visual aspect but also the taste of our creations. We are able to provide a variety of flavors for our cakes which are made from scratch. We strive to work on quality and not quantity to ensure our customers are always delighted with the outcome.

Clara Scott, owner of Sweet Extravagance in League City, baked her first cake — a Jell-O cake — at age 10.

But she hasn't always wanted to be in the baking business.

Clara has had jobs in retail management, the insurance industry, child care, administrative management, and as a patient service specialist at the University of Texas Medical Branch, to name a few. But it wasn't until she began baking and decorating cakes in her mother’s bakery in 2004 that she decided to make a career of it.

Clara tells it like this: “At first, I dreaded the task of having to create a cake because I felt I didn't have the patience or artistry like my mother did.

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Today, she creates wedding cakes, cupcakes and other sweet treats for a variety of occasions.

“It wasn’t until I decided to bake a cake for one of my co-workers that they made me realize how I really did enjoy doing it,” Clara explains. “I can honestly say they were the ones that pushed me to continue to bake. With the encouraging words from my husband and dear friends, I didn’t give up. As my passion and love for baking and making these cakes grew, so did my detail for each one. Each and every cake I make for my customers I pray about and ask God to help me and guide my hands to do my best.”

It takes Clara anywhere from four to 10 hours to decorate her creations in her home-based bakery, working at her own pace. She is careful to only take so many orders a week to ensure she fulfills each customer’s order to exact specifications.